This is the unofficial website created for the residents of Horn Lake. A small city in Mississippi bringing you the latest in news and information to help you live a better life. There are many schools, churches and parks that make our city a great place to live. We are constantly growing and invite you to come and take a look around. Despite being located in the start of the mid-west, we retain a lot of the eastern charm of the united states while being something entirely our own. The local peoples commitment to a better future has made the City of Horn Lake a mecca in the state for education, sports, and healthy living. Horn Lake is the “greenest city” in Mississippi with over 16 public parks and aggressive recycling programs. The bounty of our healthy living is a healthy mind. Our schools are rated the #1 Technology schools in the state with graduates going on to be noted economists and professional athletes alike. While many cities claim to have it all, we really do. It is no secret that when Elvis chose to make his home here at Graceland, that he saw something special. Come see what it is the King saw with us and the rest of the the City of Horn Lake community.